BlaQ is the peak organisation for Aboriginal Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer + Sistergirl and Brotherboy (LGBTQ+SB) Peoples and Communities in NSW.

As an Aboriginal community-controlled organisation, their vision is to achieve a society that nurtures, supports, affirms, and celebrates our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTQ+SB community whilst promoting safety and inclusion for all.

BLAQs approach is based on respecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the longest continual surviving culture, and celebrating our unique connection to country, culture and community.

Person-Centred: To treat people with dignity and respect whilst valuing personal perspectives, morals, beliefs, and preferences, always ensuring our members are free to decide their own journey with BlaQ always ready to provide assistance and options.

 Cultural Integrity: At the core of what we do is our culture. Our cultural identity underpins our policies, program methodology and service delivery, not just for the work we do, but also for the organisations engaging with our service and our Community.

 Strength-Based: We acknowledge, appreciate, and build upon the strengths and assets of our Community. BlaQ operates with an evidence-based and lived experience model in working to create a culture of continual growth.