Thank you to all members who came to today’s Annual General Meeting for Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

The Annual Report and Financial Report were presented to members and accepted.

The 2019 Annual Report is available to download as a PDF here.


The meeting included the election of four Board Members. The digital and in-person votes have now been counted and verified. The four successful candidates are:

Kate Wickett
Giovanni Campolo-Arcidiaco
Charlie Murphy
Louis Hudson

Previous Board members continuing their two-year term are: Adrian Phoon, Christopher Brooke, Jesse Matheson and Mel Schwerdt.

The meeting gave thanks to John Hannaford and Kat Dopper who both recently stepped down from the Board.



A resolution was passed conferring Life Membership of the organisation upon this additional list of 78ers who applied for it:

“That the persons contained in the document attached to the Notice of Meeting titled ‘78er Members for Life Membership 2019’ be granted life membership in the Company, noting that upon approval of the Members that these persons shall be entered on the Register as life members and shall not be required to pay membership fees in accordance with the Company’s constitution.”



The following Items of Business were passed from the floor and will now be advanced as recommendations for the Board to consider. They are:

Item 5C (1.1): This meeting recommends that the Board move to condemn 2019 Mardi Gras sponsor Gilead for price gouging of PrEP in the US.

Item 5C (2): This meeting recommends that the Board create an ethics charter for corporate sponsorship in consultation with the community and the members.


Thank you to everyone who entered motions, stood for a position on the Board, advanced proxies, voted online, and sent us your views. Your voices have been heard and your opinions matter greatly to us as we continue to advance a diverse, inclusive and sustainable Mardi Gras festival.

Charmaine Belfanti
Company Secretary
Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Ltd
& Mardi Gras Arts Ltd