Board Skills Diversity Matrix

This indicates the Board composition of the 4 directors in current term.

The Board will benefit from individuals with knowledge and experience in the ‘Somewhat’ and ‘Gap’ areas.

Refer to this in describing the value you will bring to the Board.

CategoryItemBoard Background and Diversity
Knowledge/ExpertiseSocial JusticeYes
Knowledge/ExpertiseNFP leadershipGap
Knowledge/ExpertiseFinance managementYes*/Somewhat
Knowledge/ExpertiseStrategy and performanceYes
Knowledge/ExpertisePeople / culture and leadershipSomewhat
Knowledge/ExpertiseStakeholder managementSomewhat
Knowledge/ExpertiseCommunity engagementSomewhat
Knowledge/ExpertisePR / CommunicationsSomewhat
Knowledge/ExpertiseDigital / cyberGap
Knowledge/ExpertiseEvents / ArtsGap
Knowledge/ExpertiseEnterprise risk managementGap
Knowledge/ExpertiseProject managementYes/Gap
Knowledge/ExpertiseBoard rolesSomewhat
Knowledge/ExpertiseChair experiencedSomewhat/Gap
BackgroundMG History / intergenerational understandingSomewhat
BackgroundNFPs experienceGap
BackgroundIssue management /political campaigningYes
BackgroundStrong understanding LGBQTI+ experiences, social justice and themesYes
BackgroundStrong commercial acumen within large organisationsYes
DiversityAge – mixed-age profileSomewhat
DiversityGender balanceGap
DiversityFirst NationsGap
DiversityState, regional representationGap
Personal Attributes (apply to all)Broad perspectives (life experiences)
Personal Attributes (apply to all)Excellent communication skills
Personal Attributes (apply to all)Active contributor to Board
Personal Attributes (apply to all)Unifying in discussions and contributions

*Treasurer – Not a Director and no voting power