A message from our Mardi Gras 78ers Committee:

Most of our 78ers will be aware of the forthcoming INVICTUS GAMES in October.  Regardless of how we might feel about the military, these games are for defence personnel who have lost limbs or suffering from PTSD to participate in sport and fitness to improve their ongoing lives.

In the 78er cohort, we also have members who have a disability. One member, Phillipa Nicholl who has been an amputee for over 40 years, has decided to support these sportspeople on one of the days events, because she knows that there will be many LGBT participants and wants to proudly wear her 78er sash and badge to show them, there are others out there they can identify with.

Kate Rowe is also going to go along and support Phillipa in her courageous action.  They would love to have other 78ers to come and join them to increase their visibility. Thursday 25 October at Sydney Olympic Park athletics centre, from 11-3pm. Go to GATE E Accessible 7&8 and look for the pink sashes.

Tickets are only $20 from Ticketek here.