Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is delighted to present
Sydney’s Bid for WorldPride 2023.
You can read our Bid as a flipbook below, or download it as a PDF here.

The #SydneyBid2023 team will present our Bid at the InterPride AGM in Athens later this month.

“Bringing WorldPride to Sydney is about more than just our beautiful city,” says Mardi Gras co-chair Kate Wickett. “It’s an opportunity to focus the world’s attention on LGBTQI rights, communities and culture in our Asia-Pacific region. Many of our closest neighbouring countries do not have the same level of equality and human rights as we do.”

“This is about connecting our global community,” adds Sydney’s WorldPride Bid Committee chair Robyn Kennedy. “Hosting WorldPride provides the opportunity to create the global LGBTQI Human Rights and Health Conference which will focus not only on Australia – but also drive participation, inclusion and momentum in the conversation about LGBTQI people’s rights across our Asia-Pacific region.

“We are committed to growing and engendering solidarity in a safe, affordable and accessible place. Now is the time for WorldPride to become a truly global movement. Now is the time for Sydney.”

Our WorldPride 2023 bid is possible with the support of the NSW Government, the City of Sydney, Tourism Australia, ANZ, QANTAS and OUTtv.