The Bi+ Experience

Bisexuality is a mis and underrepresented part of the LGBTQIA+ community. As more people identify as multi-gender attracted, more conversations are highlighting thenuances of bi identity and the detrimental impacts of bi erasure.

Today, we’ll be delving into the world of those who are bisexual and multi-gender attracted.Some studies have shown that these communities actually make up the majority of people across the LGBTQIA+ acronym!Never confused, neverjuston-the-way to being gay or being straight, and definitely not just a phase.

Joining the podcast we haveSteven Spencer,who first came out as gay, and now identifies as pansexual.Steven walks us through that journey of discovery, realising that there are binaries to break even within our own communities.He also shares his stories of navigating the dating world while being HIV positive.

Anna Kochetkova also joins the conversation, sharing her story of growing up in Russia and what it was like being queer in a country where peopleare prosecutedfor being who they are.She chats about her book,Bi and Prejudice- her story of connecting the dots of identity and sexuality across years, continents and cultures.

Finally, I’m joined byBree Mountain, the creative director ofBiCONIC, an all-inclusive party and events organisation for the Bi+ community and their allies.

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