Vale Ignatius Jones AM.

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Ignatius Jones AM. Iggy, as he was known to the Mardi Gras community, is embedded into our organisation.

His contributions over the years have uplifted the creativity and unique identity of Mardi Gras that we know and love.

Iggy offered mentorship, experience, compassion and love to those who worked with him. Many of our community alumni, staff and volunteers have had the pleasure of working with Iggy, and take his passion for this community and this organisation with them in all they do.

Outside of Mardi Gras, Iggy was a powerhouse of boundary-pushing arts and culture. His stories from around the globe and in Australia were demonstrative of his commitment to supporting and fostering talent, creating world class events, and marrying the serious nature of the work with an indelible lust for fun and creativity.

We pass on our deepest sympathies to his partner and his sister.

A Personal Reflection from PJ Gahan, Director of Operations

“In the passing of Ignatius (Iggy) Jones, we bid farewell to a legend of the creative industries whose creative vision pushed boundaries the world over. His legacy as a Creative Director and Performer shall forever be remembered.

As my mentor and someone that I called a friend I have many fond memories of Iggy. The one memory that sticks out to me was a year that we were casting a large group of community members to be a part of the Strictly Mardi Gras float. We went through two days of auditions and dance rehearsals. The time for the announcement on who was in the cast was upon us. Iggy whispered in my ear ‘There is so much passion in the room I just can’t decide’. Iggy then proceeded to tell every individual in the room that there would be a place on the float for them. He genuinely made every person in that room feel as special as the next. That is Iggy’s spirit of inclusion and passion for everyone that makes up our community.

His unwavering presence as a prominent figure within the LGBTQIA+ community truly cemented his legacy. A beacon of acceptance, advocacy and love, Iggy will be missed by all that were lucky enough to be touched by his love and creativity.”